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ATC offers you a range of boxes for your moving.
Basics, special books, and others, you will have all the materials to succeed in your moving
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Removal specialist from and to st. martin

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Agence transport caraïbes

A.T.C., your partner for transportation, import and export by sea or air, and removals.
Our number one commitment : to provide you with quality service !

A.T.C. St. Martin

Our procedures

We are able to disassemble / reassemble your belongings and to pack it.
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As for the shipping itself, we have containers of 20 and 40 feet.

Two solutions are available :

  • You have a large number of goods / commodities to be transported and in this case you will have a full container for your own use.
  • You have little merchandise / goods to be transported and so we will group it with other people belongings.
    This will allow you to share not only the container but also the costs.

Before potting a container (that is to say, load it with the goods) the boxes are grouped on a wooden pallet and packaged in a black plastic film to ensure proper maintenance of parcels and avoid confusion with the packages other clients.

Each pallet, once packaged, is marked by a label containing the name, address and telephone number of the customer.

The same process applies to transportation by air.

For the movings, we use machines such as outdoor furniture, useful to access the floors of houses / buildings.

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ATC Saint Martin care of your delivery to or from Saint-Martin, the Caribbean, the USA, Europe and the world ...
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Agence Transport Caraïbes

Port de Galisbay - Baie de la Potence
97150 Saint Martin
Tel. 0590 29 16 88 - Fax. 0590 29 46 74

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