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ATC offers you a range of boxes for your moving.
Basics, special books, and others, you will have all the materials to succeed in your moving
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Removal specialist from and to st. martin

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Agence transport caraïbes

A.T.C., your partner for transportation, import and export by sea or air, and removals.
Our number one commitment : to provide you with quality service !

A.T.C. St. Martin


We offer three types of removals*

1Formula Self A.T.C.
This is the economic formula that includes loading, transport and unloading of your belongings. You are responsible for packing all your furniture, whether fragile or not.

2Formula Standard A.T.C.
This is the classic formula that includes the same services as the Formula Self A.T.C. but includes packing and dismantling your property. You must pack everything that is not fragile. We take care of the rest. This is the most requested and commonly practiced formula.

3Formula Confort A.T.C.
This is the luxury formula where everything is taken care of by the mover. You do not do your cartons neither pack your goods. Everything is included.

* However, each of these options is likely to be adjusted to suit your needs and your budget.

Tips and tricks :

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    • Unplug your appliances and electrical power, water and gas.
    • Avoid waxing wood furniture before the move so they are not damaged by the coverage that will cover them for transport.
    • Empty the refrigerator and freezer 24 hours before the moving date.
    • Remove lamps, curtain rods, pictures, and everything is hooked.
    • Pack your things properly if it is you who care, because it is the basis for removal. Preferably packed piece by piece in order to find your business correctly when unpacking in the new house.
    • Make sure you have enough packing boxes and materials relating to not end up with a lack when you pack.
    • Take, if possible, new cardboard boxes, they are more resistant, and avoid the case in perspective.
    • Remember to take broad and strong adhesive tape, specifically the use of cardboard boxes.
    • Pack your belongings room by room.
    • Wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap.
    • Wrap fragile items individually and place them in boxes previously reinforced with blankets or towels.
    • Avoid leaving too much empty space in your boxes: fill in the gaps with newspapers or magazines.
    • Put your business in large light boxes.
    • Put your business heavy (ex: books) in small boxes, more easily transportable.
    • Remember to indicate the top and bottom of your carton with a symbol: you will avoid many disappointments at the opening!

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Agence Transport Caraïbes

Port de Galisbay - Baie de la Potence
97150 Saint Martin
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