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Quotation Quotes for individuals

Quote request for individuals

demenagement saint martin

Port de Galisbay
97150 Saint Martin FWI
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Phone : 0590 29 16 88

This quote request is for individuals only.
If you are a professional, please fill in the application by demenagement saint martin clicking here.

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Our packages moving :

 Self A.T.C.   Standard A.T.C.    Comfort A.T.C. 

Formula Self A.T.C.
This is the economic formula that includes loading, transport and unloading of your goods. You are responsible for packing all your furniture, whether fragile or not.

The Standard A.T.C.
This is the classic formula that includes the same services as the formula ATC Self but also dismantling and packing your fragile property. You must pack everything that is not fragile. This is the most requested and most commonly practiced formula.

The formula Comfort A.T.C.
This is the formula “Luxury” where everything is taken care of by the mover. You do pack. Everything is included.

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Agence Transport Caraïbes

Port de Galisbay - Baie de la Potence
97150 Saint Martin
Tel. 0590 29 16 88 - Fax. 0590 29 46 74

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